JOYgasm Just for YOU

A JOYgasm Just for YOU is a wonderful blend of JOY and Reiki / Source energy allowing you to heal any limiting beliefs around a particular area of your life and step forward into your new empowering beliefs.

JOYgasm Just for YOU includes a personalized JOYgasm and a distance Reiki session focused on your desired area. Some areas I work with are Money, Weight, Health, Self Esteem and Happiness.

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Order your JOYgasm Just for YOU today and you will receive a one page questionnaire to return to me within 48 hours. The questionnaire lets you decide what area to work with – (money, weight, health, happiness, self esteem), what your limiting beliefs around that area are and how to change them to affirmations to live by.

Approximately 48 hours after I receive your questionnaire (usually less) you will receive an email with your personalized JOYgasm on mp3 so you can listen to it at any time. It is written and recorded by me after meditation and then your JOYgasm is given a special Reiki treatment before being sent to you.

You will also receive instructions on your Reiki distance healing session including date, time and how to prepare.

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