JOYful work

Are you living your souls purpose?

What is JOYful work?

It’s the dream job, career or work that you are passionate about. It is work that when you are doing it, it doesn’t feel like work. You know what I mean – when you are doing your passion work time flies, everything fits together and you feel satisfied with what you are doing and where you are going?

So, is your work JOYful and full of purpose?

And are you earning a good income from work that you are passionate about?

Doing what you love is the cornerstone
of having abundance in your life.

Wayne Dyer

Are you fulfilling a higher purpose with your work? Does this work answer a soul calling for you?

Do you have a dream you aren’t pursuing? Do you know what your dream is?

If you have a dream are you actively engaged in it?

Are you just waiting for the day you will wake up to sudden inspiration that will make your dream easy.

Well, guess what. There is no such thing as ‘someday’.

There is only now, right now, this minute. The time in the future that you will start working on your dream is just an illusion and you may well be sitting staring at your computer for the rest of your life, thinking about starting a business.

Where to start – a good place would be at the beginning and even though it might be uncomfortable to get started, you do have to start.

Let’s examine your excuses. Oh don’t worry, I know them all intimately, I have used them all to stop me from moving forward with my dreams.


• Not enough money
• No spare time
• Too tired after work
• Have husband and kids to look after

These excuses and the others that you might have come up with are not the real reasons you don’t start working on your dream. The real reasons are your fears.

There is no such thing as failure.
There are only results.

Tony Robbins

Have you often thought, when pondering your dream work;

** my husband won’t like it if I become successful
** my kids will have to do things for themselves and will be angry at me for not being there
** I don’t like change and uncertainty
** What if I fail
** Who am I to think I could start a business

Well I would like to give you the good news.

Pursuing your dream is simply going with what is already there. You alone are the only one who can bring it to life. Your dream is inside you waiting to be born so it can connect with those who are waiting for it.

Your work is to discover your work and then
with all your heart to give yourself to it.

The only thing for you to do is surrender and stop fighting it.

My dream business began many years ago as a thought that I might like to start a website, something to do with personal development, something that could help people to be happier and live more fulfilling lives.

I literally dreamed one night of a sunflower and the words ‘Step up to JOY – find your happiness one step at a time’ and the next morning I purchased the domain name even though it was at least another year before I did anything about building a website.

Today part of that dream is the website that I built using SBI. Through SBI I learnt everything I needed to know to get my business out of my head and onto the World Wide Web. Click here for more information on how I built my website, found my keywords, learnt to write for search engines as well as humans and learnt how to monetize my site with my own products, affiliate products and google adwords.

Coaching and writing are other tools I use to create my dream and live my purpose.

Remember that once you do surrender and commit to your dream amazing things can start to happen.

** you might bump into a person who can help you get started
** you could have a dream about a great business name (as I did, see above)
** you will run into the answer to a problem in an unexpected place

If you are unsure of your dream some meditation or a guided visualization will help. All it takes is getting quiet and listening to what comes through.

Whether you believe in God, Buddha, your higher self or some other religious figure, there is guidance available to you if you stop and listen.

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