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The Mace Energy Method (MEM) is a powerful tool used for emotional healing that is having a remarkable effect on peoples’ lives.

It permanently frees you from the emotional effects of unwanted experiences, no matter what they were, allowing you to take back charge of your life.

This simple but extraordinarily effective therapy will allow you to regain control of your life and find the real you. Not only can it put you on the path to emotional and psychological health and eliminate the stress that underlines many physical health problems, it can also lead to a marked improvement in your general health, well being and confidence.

It’s simply about removing the negatives in your life and allowing your true self to emerge. With that comes all your potential. What makes MEM unique is its simplicity, it does not involve any self disclosure and only requires one or two sessions that can also be carried out over the telephone.

Imagine your life free from hidden blocks and limitations that hold you back.

MEM - A Paradigm Shift

As a departure from conventional counselling, MEM does not involve self exposure. Research into emotional problems has shown that it’s not what a person experiences that affects them, it’s the emotional response to the experience.

MEM permanently frees you from the emotional effects of an unwanted experience. In just a few sessions, it removes negative beliefs and identities that cause emotional problems without the need for detailed discussions on the effects.

The research that resulted in a body of knowledge named Causism as it ignores manifestation and eliminates cause, incorporates the elements of mind, body, spirit and includes a fourth being identity.

There are two forms of identity;- Positive identity; knowingly created pro-survival- Negative identity; unknowingly created non-survival

Negative identities manifest in many ways including; low moods, lack of energy and motivation, depression, fears, phobias, low self esteem, lack of confidence. In short, one feels something is wrong and cannot necessarily see the cause.

Every type of negative identity depletes energy. It has been found that they oppose your own dreams, goals and purpose, producing many unwanted consequences in your life.

These negative identities which may have been carried since childhood can stop us achieving or even having goals or dreams, create negative patterns and unhappy relationships that can limit our lives and hide our real, brilliant selves.

MEM only addresses the negative identities, for they hold all the negative aspects of our life, when they are gone all your positive energy returns immediately.

About The Founder – John Mace

Having begun his life as a mariner, John Mace spent 50 years researching science and philosophy that underpins his method.

He investigated many alternative therapies and modalities and trained as a counsellor, but after 25 years of relying on the writings and research of others, he knew he hadn’t found the answers he sought.

The simplicity of spiritual awareness made John realise that if life itself is simple and uncomplicated, the real ‘cures’ for unhappiness must also be simple and uncomplicated.

His spiritual experiences made it clear to him that the high aesthetic qualities such as happiness, enthusiasm, love and honesty are inherently normal in all sentient beings. After another 20+ years, the Mace Energy Method had evolved and John began training students in 1998.

He is principal of The Head Training Academy in Perth, West Australia, where he also works as a Mace Energy Method Practitioner / Trainer

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