Be a JOYful parent

Do you remember that day? You know the one I’m talking about, right? The very first day that you saw, smelled and touched that beautiful bundle of JOY that you co-created.

Do you remember?

Yes, I’m talking about the very first day of your child’s life, when you understood the true JOY and happiness that being a parent would give you.

So what’s happened since?

Now that your tiny little baby has learned to walk, talk and answer back have you forgotten that feeling of complete and utter unconditional love that he bought with him that very first day.

It’s hard to even remember how overJOYed you felt back then isn’t it? That feeling got lost somewhere among the pile of dirty nappies and the growing pile of monthly bills. Not to mention the other stresses of everyday life.

And you know what, the stress of teaching your children how to be good citizens, how to fit in, how to live, how to get a job and make money – well they all just get on top of you don’t they?

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So how do you feel about your kids these days, now that they are growing up, mouthing off, eating 24 hours a day, expecting you be their on-call taxi service.

Do you believe the metaphysical talk these days about how we are all creating our own reality? Do you agree that ‘thoughts become things?’.

I do.

Dr Wayne Dyer (considered the grand daddy of self development by many) says that ‘if you change your thoughts you can change your life’.

How do you feel about that statement in relationship to your parenting skills and your children?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

We use the principles of the law of attraction to attract abundance, get the lover of our dreams and improve our success at work so why not use these same principles in our family and with our children.

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