Personal development books and law of attraction reports

On this page you will find personal development books and resources

Discover hidden knowledge that has been known by our greatest philosophers, inventors and business and world leaders

Find little known personal development treasures such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Read Wallace Wattles and amaze at how these teachings have not been common knowledge before now.

I recommend you take a quick moment and
to the best personal development magazine
Healthy Wealthy n Wise

My top 5 Law of Attraction Authors

1. Esther & Jerry Hicks – The teachings of Abraham
2. Dr Wayne Dyer
3. Mark Sneddon
Click here to find out more about Mark and his book Making Mega Money
4. Neale Donald Walsch
5. Sandy Forster & How to be Wildly Wealthy FAST

Step up to JOY Books and Special Reports

Step up to JOY and Anne Aleckson (Rycroft) has recently been profiled in the new book Sprout the life you love

The Path to Success features best selling law of attraction authors Dr Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Sandy Forster and features Anne Aleckson (writing as Anne Rycroft) in her first foray into writing.

Special Report – 7 Steps to Financial Abundance for your kids
A guide to seven simple practical and metaphysical wealth principles you can teach your children.


Making Mega Money
An inspiring book by Mark Sneddon that outlines a 12-step process that is the key to making things happen in your life. You start by being aware of your core desires and setting your intention and you end up getting to your desired experience.


Is it happiness you are after?
Have a look at the wonderful books by world renowned Scientists and Positive Psychologists as well as Buddhist monks.

My top 3 Happiness must-reads

1. Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D
2. Happiness by Matthieu Ricard
3. Authentic Happiness by Dr Martin Seligman

We attend the Happiness and it’s Causes Conference in Sydney, Australia. It’s also held in London and we recommend it to anyone who is interested in living in the now, learning about meditation and finding their happiness.

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