Abundance for your child

Attention Mums & Dads

How I taught my son that I was not the only source of his abundance and other law of attraction money secrets.

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I’m mum to a 5 year old who is always asking for a new toy, a lollipop…a new anything.

After the last supermarket checkout tantrum I started an experiment in teaching my son about the law of attraction and money.

I’ve now compiled that experiment into an ebook to detail the steps I took and share the experience with parents just like you.

Would you like the inside secrets on how to

$ Blast away negative beliefs about money

$ Have your child earn every cent you give them

$ Teach your child spending and saving habits that will last a lifetime

$ Have your child repeating positive affirmations without even realizing they are doing anything

$ Encourage your child to create and dream about the life they want to live regardless of what they think of the life they are living right now

$ Show your child how they can create their dream life

$ Make some fast cash this week

$ Lead your child in appreciation / gratitude.

$ Teach your child a simple and profound money truth.

Christina of USA says

Get your copy NOW and follow these practical and metaphysical steps that will give your child a sense of independence, freedom and financial abundance.

Only AU $5.00

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