Tuning in to Reiki Energy

Part 1 or the story so far (2007)

Anne went a-hunting on the information superhighway one day to see what she could find. She found a Japanese tool of vibrational healing called Reiki – pronounced Ray-Kee they said.

And oh my, it was interesting, very interesting indeed. Anne felt that this was what she was meant to be doing. As she searched and found and searched and found some more, Anne found her hands beginning to tingle and twitch.

Anne had recently come to re-member who she really, really was, and had come into connection with a being that she sometimes noticed watching her from the corner of the bathroom at her place of work. A cheeky being who always made her smile and say ‘hello’ into the quiet empty bathroom. Anne sometimes wondered if she was going mad (but that’s another story).

And back to Reiki – Although Anne was becoming a powerful creator she had yet to master the art of money abundance and to her great disappointment, she realised that to be attuned and therefore be able to practice this Japanese Reiki she would have to part with a large sum of money.

Now Anne was sitting at work one day, searching the internet for more information on Reiki when she ‘felt’ a presence behind her looking over her right shoulder. Anne felt a little weird in this surreal feeling. This feeling continued as Anne kept studying the Reiki information on the internet and then Anne, brave creator that she is, asked who it was and what they were doing looking over her shoulder.

Well she got her answer that day, did Anne. What answer you ask? Ok, let me continue.

Anne saw the presence, in her minds eye, become an old Asian man. Oh yes, it was making sense, here she was, wanting to learn about Reiki and now an old Asian wise man. Almost feels like a joke, yes?

And then, another presence! It’s the little imp from the work bathroom. And then it’s on for young and old, so to speak. As Anne sat at her work station she listened to the one being (she later realised was her inner child) and the older, wise Asian man discuss and argue Reiki and its relevance in this new time of awakening on planet earth.

Inner child was cheekily suggesting to Asian man that in this day and age where the beings that have chosen to come to Earth are finally awakening to their power, these beings do not any longer need to be attuned and shown how to perform Reiki – for they have that very power within themselves from the day they come forth. For Reiki energy and Source energy are one and the same and we are all of the same source energy.

They argued back and forth, with Inner Child even rudely suggesting ‘we don’t need to sit on mountain tops for forty days and forty nights or whatever to come to this knowledge, it is already here, we just have to tap in, tune in and turn on to it.’

At this point Anne had to do some work since she was being paid to sit there at her workstation so she tried to tune these goings on out.

Throughout the rest of the day Anne felt a constant tapping on her right shoulder indicating impatience at having to wait from the Asian man. Almost like ‘pay attention to me’.

When Anne finally got to go home that afternoon, she sat herself down and readied herself for meditation with the intention of again connecting into what had happened earlier that day.

And it was good. The soft wise older Asian man, the cheeky inner child joined by another very tall, strong being who was unknown to Anne at that time.

In time, Anne found a lady in England who would teach her how to attune herself using Reiki energy which is Source energy.

Anne attuned herself and has left Reiki mulling away in her brainwaves and thoughts since then. Not yet strong enough or ready enough or sure enough of what she needs to do to share what she has come to know.

Reiki / Source is there and will be there when Anne is ready to again pick up the conversation with her sage Asian, her inner child and the tall mysterious being of light.

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©2009 Anne Aleckson

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