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Joy is the ultimate emotional destination, the highest energy and vibration and the footsteps along the path of a deliberately created life." Anne Aleckson

Discover your power and be the deliberate creator of a life of blissful joy, creativity and wellbeing.

Create magical success with a simple series of mind exercises that will put you back in control of your life.

Anne Aleckson, Inspired Spirit Law of Attraction Coach, Mace Energy Method Practitioner and writer brings you articles on spirituality, self development and empowerment, published books for adults, the My Secret Superhero series of Childrens picture books, empowering events and inspirational speaking.

Step up to JOY! and joyfully align all areas of your life with tools from positive psychology & mind empowerment, law of attraction, coaching and energy.

Learn to vibrate at the highest energy level of JOY and attract everything you desire in life.

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