A JOYgasm
is a powerful blast of
pure appreciation

The Universal law of allowing comes into play when you are vibrating high in appreciation.

Warning: a daily JOYgasm may cause frequent and sudden bouts of extreme happiness.

What others have said about the JOYgasm experience

Cindy from http://www.cindyashton.com
@cindyashton: Thank you @stepuptojoy Love your JOYgasm - very creative and fun!

Sptreasures at Youtube wrote
Thanks for this awesome video! What a way to start the day!

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The quickest way to a feeling of happiness is through appreciation while focusing on our heart connection.

Soul searching and connecting to my higher self led me to anunderstanding that we are all connected and we can communicatethrough our heart energy.

It also led me to a passion to share what I have come to know and an idea for a law of attraction tool.

JOYgasm is a colloquial term commonly used to express the feeling one has when doing something that feels so very good that they might burst with happiness.

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It is my intention in sharing the JOYgasm that more and more people will become awake to something that I now know.

It's a Beatles lyric and you should recognize it, it goes like this

'All you need is love, love... love is all you need'.

You can find out more about the JOYgasm and how it has changed Anne’s life in the book The Path to Success here

If you can teach people how to connect with that feeling of well-being or that feeling of love or that feeling of appreciation and they are working to harmonize their thoughts, words and actions with that feeling, your troubles would cease on this planet. No one would ever push against anyone ever again about anything.
Inspiration from Abraham-Hicks

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