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The Search for a passionate website

I dreamed one night of a personal development website providing information and tools to help people live happier and more fulfilled lives.

I awoke with the remnant of an image of a sunflower and the words Step up to JOY, find your happiness one step at a time.

Following my intuition and my dream I purchased a domain name and it would be another year before I tried to build a website.

I started with a site building tool offered free with my domain name. I continued with free blogging platforms and monthly fee blogging platforms. I searched and searched for the best solution for me and my dream.

Two years later, and 5 websites later, I came across SBI or Site Build-It. If you are just starting your research, keep in mind that there are several Solo Build It scam reviews that are really fake reviews put on by spammers.

As I started building my website, from the ground up, I started to realise how inadequate my training gleaned from those other various sites was. When I learned about adding my site to the main 4 search engines through the SBI training it was the very first time that I had even heard about doing it.

As a complete non-techie I had no idea what I was doing building websites but they all (the blogs, website builders etc) said that it was easy and I guess it was but my sites never even got noticed and now I was finding out why.

As I continued building my SBI site, I was able to research keywords and really nut down to find my niche and the keywords that I would need to use for good search engine results. I was given articles to read about how to write for search engines as well as people.

I love my SBI site and I'm very proud of the work that I have put into it however if it was not for the thorough training and day by day video teachings I'm sure it would just be another website full of words sitting out there on the world wide web with no traffic.

The best thing I can recommend, if you are looking to build a great website and learn how its done properly is to watch the clips and visit the sites below and then if it fits you, get on board, you won't regret it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not easy but all you require is brains and passion and SBI does the rest.

and the best part of Solo Build It for me is that it is a powerful self-study course in e-business success! Click here to find out how to build a successful e-business with Solo Build It.

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