Step up to JOY! with me

Oh, the names I've been called

You know, I've been called many things over the past couple of years. Well, let’s see…there was that guy who called me ‘happy for no reason’. I guess he was reading that fabulous book by Marci Shimoff.

There there was that what was it...oh yeah, Miss Positivity :)

It gets worse.

Once someone referred to me as the JOY queen. I’ve also been called That positive person, smiling Anne and the happiest person in the room. Oh, and JOY…for some reason there are people who think my name is JOY…It’s not. I’m Anne.

But do you know which name I like being called most of all. I just love it when they call me Pollyanna. Do you remember Pollyanna. It was a book about a girl called Pollyanna from my childhood and if you don’t know it I would urge you to go find a copy and get to know the glad game.

So you may be wondering what changed for me those few years ago and caused me to become this joyful person who lives with an inner sense of peace and happiness.

Well I’m not going to tell you.

Suffice to say that I went through some personal shit (and by that I mean personal drama) and I started to question who I was and why I was here.

I did the required wringing of the hands and pleading with my god to show me the way.

And then it happened.

Teachers found me (or I found them) and I started to learn about who I was and how I was in control of how I felt and how my life was turning out.

Wow, imagine that - I was in control of my life – the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

One of my teachers told me that ‘the purpose of my life was JOY and that resonated so strongly with me that I started to research happiness and joy.

More importantly I made a decision to live the rest of my life in joy and happiness.

And here’s the kicker people. Guess what happened.

Yes, you guessed it. Everything in my life changed.

I became happy regardless of what was happening in my reality and my life has become and continues to be better than it has ever been.

I’m attracting the abundance that has eluded me since forever, I’ve been blessed to meet and re-unite with my twin flame and my life is filled with love, abundance, great health and happiness.

I cannot even imagine how life could be any better and yet I know it can and will be.

I also know that I will continue to experience contrast – it’s the human experience.

Now, I tell you this about me in order to tell you this -

I want all of this for you. I want you to be happy, wealthy, healthy and to enjoy the wonderful sense of fun and freedom that I enjoy every single day.

Your purpose is to live in JOY. And I’m making it my goal to help you find your joy.

As a first step wander around my site and get a feel for me and if our energies are aligned we will be speaking soon.

I can’t wait.

Anne is a published author, writer, Inspired Spirit Certified Law of Attraction Coach, reiki master, radio show host and has a ferocious curiosity about life and how to live it joyfully, happily and with a sense of fun.

Over the years Anne has had many mentors and learned much from each of them. Introducing...

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Take a step back in time with me...

I was raised in Papua New Guinea and Australia, educated in Australian Catholic girls boarding schools, teased mercilessly when growing up for being so quiet.

Jobs I have done well include apprentice chef, nail technician, secretary, office manager, property manager, personal assistant.

Being a property manager was the hardest job I've done, not the physical work rather the acting as go-between for the owners and tenants. I thrived doing it.

I love blogging and doing websites and have lots of fun with social networking on twitter, facebook etc.

I’ve spent too much time and money chasing the elusive fortune from MLM with Herbalife, VM Direct and Liberty League and now leave those things for other people.

In late 2008 the business I was working for went bust and I was left in so called 'tough economic times' with no job and therefore, no income.

So what did I do?

Did I start looking for another job even though I absolutely hated the thought of again working for someone else, or did I make a very scary decision to start working on my passion?

Yes, you got it, my passion won out and I started this website and coaching and chasing my dreams of book writing and changing lives.

Mind you, it has not been easy. There have been some tough weeks when I didn't think I would be able to pay the bills and where I almost pushed my passion back into the 'one day' section and went back to full time work.

It's all been worth it. It's coming together. I'm living my passion and loving it. I know that all is well and I've developed a very very strong belief system around what I'm teaching because of these experiences.

Do you have a passion for your own business? Click here to visit my JOYful work page for tools and resources about how you can live your joy - find the courage, push past your inner critic, find the time and energy and more.

Anne has been published in The Path to Success along with Dr Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and other wonderful law of attraction teachers.

and was recently in the new book Sprout the life you love alongside many other female entrepreneurs.

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