Heart Connection

Putting my heart on the line.

As part of an assignment to spend a day in integrity doing everything impeccably for my soul I wrote about my experience and was awarded a special gift from my mentor Michelle Blood at Mystical Success Club

Here is what I wrote about that day

Today, 4 July 2008 and my friends in America are just now waking up to celebrations of the independence of their country while I sit and contemplate the oneness of all of us.

I have spent today consciously focused on the heart connection that I believe we all share as part of my assignment for the Mystical Success Club. The task was set – choose a day to do everything impeccably for your soul, dedicate all action to your soul.

Today I have added a new and special intention to the intentions that I set at the beginning of each day. Today I have added ‘I will greet every soul I pass and silently offer them my love from the heart’.

I have a knowing inside me that we can communicate through the connection that we all have in our heart – our hearts are connected and today, with this assignment I shall set my intention to see proof of this.

I start my day with 3 ah breaths to open my heart and today I decide to wear a button I have recently purchased that says ‘Open Your Heart’.

My workspace is surrounded by glass windows and I can see everyone who comes and goes from the building I work in. There are people I see everyday who nod at me as they enter on their way to their own offices, I sometimes see that they think I am the guardian of our office block and they know that I keep a watchful eye on all comings and going but today they will experience more from me.

As I enter my own office I greet my co-workers with a good morning and my silent offering. At the end of the day I see that there was much laughter and lightness in the office today and I feel that they are all feeling good and appreciated.

I answer the phone and along with my greeting I offer my love. I hear my voice becoming softer and clearer. On the other end is a very angry shareholder who has just lost a lot of money on the shares he holds in our company. The conversation ends with he and I laughing about what is happening and I feel his anger replaced with acceptance.

It was a good day to call the cancellation department of the telephone company I am currently with. While on hold I silently chant to the operator ‘I love you, I love you’ and I seem to slide down the telephone line and float around the operator at her desk while she finalizes my transaction smoothly and with no fuss. If you have ever had to deal with a phone company you know how these things usually go.

Today I dedicated to my soul the action of offering my love to all I passed and I challenged myself to do it impeccably and with intention.

Today my heart expanded and in its expansion the world became a better place…for today.

That was my day spent in integrity. Will you plan your own day of heart connection and unconditonal love?

To experience the heart connection for yourself visit our JOYgasm page and listen free to the fun appreciation tool we created after mixing up the heart connection and appreciation.

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