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* Improving and Healing Relationships

* Freedom from Depression / Post-Natal Depression

* Eliminating Anger and Worry

* Freedom from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

* Eliminating Stress / Anxiety

* Relief from all forms of Abuse

* Addictions / Compulsions / Body Image Problems

* Solving Learning / Study Difficulties

* Raising Self Esteem/ Awareness / Confidence * Help for troubled Teenagers/Children

* Naturally Enhances Emotional and Physical Health

* Liberates Your Life Purpose, Goals, Dreams

My story with Mace Energy Method
by Anne Aleckson IACP
Mace Energy Method Practitioner

Dated: 27 November 2010

About 2 months ago I came across a copy of 'Energy Over Mind' that had been sent to my place of work by the author in hopes of having it reviewed by Insight Magazine.

I liked the look of it and being someone who believes that everything is energy, I loved the title so I took it home with me for the weekend.

I read it that weekend, I couldn't put it down. The ideas in it were so revolutionary and yet so simple and common sense, I recognized them as being true.

With excitement I visited the authors website to find out more. I wanted to have a session. Reading through the book I recognized within my own life areas that I wanted to change, had been trying to change but so far, it was all hard work and little change.

An appointment was made for John Mace and I to connect via Skype. It was a Saturday and I was child free and had time on my hands.

Wow, my mind was blown. An hour was all it took for this man to change my life. At the time I didn't know how profound those changes would be, but I had some idea that something huge had shifted within me, I even felt it physically.

The session ended with me saying over and over again - WOW!

After we closed off our call, I walked outside to my back deck to the wondrous surprise of a male and female Kookaburra sitting on my clothes line. I later learned that Kookaburras are the sign for huge change as well as a reminder to not take things to seriously and to remember to laugh.

The next day I got out of bed, showered and proceeded to do my that might not mean much to anyone else but to me it was huge. I've been a housework procrastinator my whole adult life. I will leave my housework for as long as I possibly can, in the hope that it will magically do itself because I really hate it. So right away, a big change in my behavior. As a long time procrastinator in every area of my life (especially my own business) I have found since that I've just been getting on and doing what needs to be all areas of my life.

Let me give you some examples of what I've been doing and not procrastinating about since then:

- started writing and submitting articles to magazines
- finally started an interview series on my website (been working on that for 2 years)
- have trained and qualified as a Mace Energy Practitioner and even started helping others. My past experience with training courses is that I start, stop, start again, stop and on like that until I finally get it done (or give up) and then once qualified I will procrastinate about actually doing anything with it.
- have started sharing MEM with others.

With regard to self esteem - I thought I had quite a healthy self esteem due to my many years of personal development and yet I was persevering in a relationship that involved verbal abuse and out of control anger by my partner.

Very soon after my session, I found that I was no longer willing to live my life as I had been. Something kept telling me that I deserved better...more importantly, I believed that I deserved better and that is a huge shift for me who was always trying to be OK with how the other person is and not judge them for any unkind behavior or anger directed at me.

Today, as I write this, I'm an incredibly happy single woman, who has discovered her passion and purpose and is striding toward it with no fear and a sense of 'meant to be'. I've come through the 'break up' with a strong sense of who I am and what I want in my life. I also have the most incredible sense of gratitude to my ex-partner for the lessons I learned along the way and an amazing excitement for my next partnership (of which I have no doubt is waiting just around the corner for me and will be amazing).

I've become 'the real me' and left behind all the rubbish that I was allowing to hold me back in fear and uncertainty.

I know who you really are too, and it is so so much more than you are allowing yourself to be. I want to facilitate the freedom of that part of you and watch you stride happily toward the future of your dreams, the future you deserve.

I asked my very first client (an NLP coach) to write a testimony for me and she responded to me 'I will but I don't think I can do it the justice it deserves' and that is exactly how I feel.

I've tried to convey here the incredible leaps and bounds I have taken in the very few short weeks since I had my first MEM session and I know I have not done it justice.

Thank you.

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