What is JOY
by Marilyn LoRusso Visionary, Funmaster, Funspirational Speaker & lover of life

by Marin County, CA



How fun to focus on JOY! That is why we are here!
To be happy, have fun and feel good!

I have created a Joy List which I can always refer to and update.

I keep it on my computer desktop! Try it...

Marilyn's Joy List

1. petting/hanging with/loving my cat

2. taking my daily walk in the beauty of nature, breathing in the joyful flow of the universe, focusing on all the well being and imagining how I want my life to be

3. reading or listening to Abraham-Hicks

4. riding on the back of our motorcycle as my husband drives us through all the beauty of northern California, appreciating my life and imagining how I want my life to be

5. drinking green tea with milk and agave?love, love, love it !

6. watching a romantic comedy

7. tweeting joyously and breathing in all the positive tweets from my amazing tweeps ( www.twitter.com/fun_master)

8. my daily 20 minute morning yoga practice

9. writing lists of appreciation and lists of who I really am

10. listening to uplifting music which inspires me to dance

11. taking naps with my cat cuddled next to me

12. sitting each day for 20 minutes, focusing on my breathing and letting whatever happens happen!

13. allowing others to be who they are, no matter what!

14. taking improv classes and laughing soooo much

15. laughing with my husband

16. breathing in the joyful flow of the universe and knowing that all is well !

17. writing joy lists!

18. to be continued....

in joy,


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