Vision Board

A short vision board story to start

Picture this

…a man is sitting in his study surrounded by boxes from his recent move to his new home.

In walks his son who proceeds to sit on one of the boxes and kick his foot against the cardboard underneath him.

The man walks over to his son, opens up the box and pulls out a vision board that he had created many years previous.

As his memories of those times surround him, he gasps as he realizes that on his treasure map is a picture of the home he has just purchased and moved into.

If you’ve seen The Secret, the DVD phenomenon that brought the law of attraction into the mainstream, you will recognize my story above as that of John Assaraf, one of the law of attraction teachers on the DVD.

‘Create a board of pictures of what you want to attract into your life. Look at it every day and get into the feeling state of already having acquired these wants.’ The Secret

What is a vision board?

A vision board, sometimes refered to as a Treasure Map or a creative collage, is a collection of images, inspirational quotes and affirmations that depict the desires for the future of the person who created the vision board.

This is a tool that allows you to surround yourself with those things that you want to become, do and have and will most likely include pictures of where you want to live, images of holiday destinations, inspirational quotes on success and abundance, images of happy relationships and items you want to attract.

Why should I create a vision board?

Creating a treasure map is a powerful process that will enhance your ability to visualize and focus on the life you want to live instead of always being focused on the reality you are currently living, thus allowing you to deliberately create your vision.

There are 3 steps in this creative process that I often call the Triple A process. They are

1. Ask
2. Answered
3. Allowed

As you create your collage, cutting pictures and gathering quotes, you are taking care of the first step of this creative process.

Step two is not your business for it is taken care of by your God / the Universe / Source or whatever name you choose to call it.

Throughout your day and as you notice your vision board, which you will have hung somewhere in plain sight, you will start to focus your desires and so you will be allowing all you have asked for to come to you – Step 3.

How can I create a vision board?

Give yourself an afternoon and gather some supplies. You’ll need lots of lifestyle magazines, glue, scissors (or you can rip which I prefer because it feels so good to just open up a magazine and tear out a picture of something I want), coloured pens or crayons and a large piece of cardboard.

Take a few hours to spread out and pour through the magazines pulling out all the things that appeal. Don’t censor yet, just gather.

Once you’ve cut and ripped to your heart’s content. Grad a cuppa and go through the pile of clippings picking out those that most match your desires. Glue them onto your cardboard and include your favorite written affirmations and inspirational sayings.

Mount your completed treasure map or collage on your bedroom or study wall so that you see it at least once daily.

Are there any other ways to create a vision board?

There are numerous options to create your collage using slides and movie's including the very popular Mind Movies.

click here to find out more about Mind Movies and how they can help you utilise the law of attraction with vision boards.

Another option which I love is The Magical Creation Box which can be found in what I consider the definitive book on law of attraction - Ask & It Is Given, The Teachings of Abraham, by Jerry & Esther Hicks.

Purchase from

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To quote from page 150 of the book, ‘To begin the Creation Box process, find a nice looking box, one that is pleasing to you when you see it. On the lid, in a conspicuous place that you will easily notice, write the words: Whatever is contained in this bo – IS!’ end quote.

Gather your pictures as you would for your vision board.

Quoting again, ‘drop it into your Creation Box. And say, as you drop it in, “Whatever is contained in this box – IS!”

“When you are away from your box, continue to gather more pictures, and then drop them in when you return home. If you witness something you would like to experience, write a description of it, and drop that into your box.”

Get creating today and start manifesting the life you have been dreaming of

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