Everything is Energy

Take back control of your vibration
with these 5 quick and easy exercises

We know through science and quantum physics that we are living in a world of electromagnetic fields and we also know that our individual bodies are also surrounded by these electromagnetic fields.

In metaphysics we refer to our personal electromagnetic fields as our aura, our light body, our auric field among many other names.

Considering that we each carry around our own virtual magnet it is very important that we take care of our vibration for through the law of attraction and other universal laws we know that our dominant vibration around a thing will either attract to us what we want or what we don't want.

When your vibration is low you feel drained, unhappy and are not productive. Keeping your vibration high allows you to live in the flow, happy with a sense of timelessness and freedom.

How are you vibrating?

Did you get out of bed this morning just busting to get out there and into whatever the day held for you?

Or did you roll over, hit the snooze button and complain about needing more sleep.

Which scenario do you imagine will produce the best result for a happy, productive day?

You might have gotten out of bed like this and then on the way to work you were cut off on the freeway. You reacted by yelling at the other driver for 5 minutes and carrying that anger into your workplace where everything went wrong for you all day.

Perhaps you got to work still feeling that excitement of what the day would bring and as you walked into the office, the boss pounced on you angrily about a report that isn't even due until later today.

It goes on and on, all the things in life that can bring you down


you are in control and you can take your energy back and keep your best vibration with the following quick exercises.

1. Put on your favourite CD and dance wildly around the house.

2. Get comfortable and quiet and meditate for 10 minutes.

3. Smile. And then smile at a stranger and watch them smile back.

4. While driving along the freeway, wind up all the windows and sing at the top of your voice.

6. Pick up a comedy at the local video store and laugh until your face hurts.

Bonus tip Doing a little energy work with our guided audios will help you to release negative energy from your body and allow you to feel that lightness and joy that comes with living in higher vibration.

©2009 Anne Aleckson

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