by Galit

Today what made me joyful is just being proud for preparing a wonderful dish for my family. I made some wonderful succulant short ribs that melt in your mouth.

The sauce was very delicious and exactly the way I wanted. I didn't follow a recipe, I just got inspired from one of my mother's recipes and made it better.

Being organized and making efficient use of my time is another thing that I was proud of today. I resisted the temptation to go to my computer. Sometimes when we start checking several stuff like e-mail, it never ends.

Joy does not always have to be a big thing, but rather little daily accomplishement that make your day wonderful.

I manifest a lot of joy in my life because I choose to focus my attention on the positive things that happen.

I also found that gratitude makes me happy too.
When I am grateful, I feel such a special feeling because it makes me see how much I do really have and how fortunate I am everyday to have all that I have.

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