the fountain of creativity brings me joy

by Galit
(Montreal, Canada)

The fountain of creativity is what brings me joy everyday. I am a very creative person and I love to invent and come up with new ideas everyday. It gives me such a feeling of joy when I have a new idea or a new line for something I write.

It is amazing to see what one can come up with when the inner child comes out and leaves its space to imagination. The freedom and sense of Eureka one experiences when in touch with the inner artistic unison.

Creativity is like a big fountain full of water that streams endlessly. Creativity can be unlimited, and for me it is unlimited.

It might sound weird what I am telling you right now, but I am the kind of person who never stops imagining. Sometimes I even wake up at night getting excited about a new idea for my business or even for a product.

Recently I visited Las Vegas and I was amazed at the architecture of every building. It is absolutley incredible how people could have transformed a desert into such a beautiful city. The architecture of the buldings are constructed in a way you have never seen before. I believe that it is the only city where you will find something from every country. Visiting Las Vegas makes you feel as if you are doing the tour of the world in one day, one minute you are in Paris, France, the other you are in Venice, Italy.

Seeing and admiring such beauties and seeing creativity and living creativity everyday fills my heart with joy. When I create, I dance with the artist within.

I call my authentic self, the artist because I feel I am one every single day.

Creating new things everyday is like water to my soul that nourishes me inside and makes my world a wonderful one.

A simple thing just like that is what makes me happy everyday.


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