3 September 2009

* we're talking fairytales and frogs.

* Shift your vibe with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

* New article - 3 simple daily practices to help you live happily ever after.

* Anne recommends a free audio for you and more.

I've been thinking a lot about the fairytales I loved to read as a child and recalling those times when I was told, later in life, that fairytales don't come true. I refuse to believe it because I know we can all live happily ever after and we can start right now.

In this weeks article we look at 3 simple things you can do right now to find that happily ever after.

Our Shift your Vibe focus is on EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique and I've asked a guest to show us how its done. It's a lengthy video but well worth the time.

Please do take the time to watch the video and learn how you can SHIFT YOUR VIBE as well as physical pain through this amazing process. I use it in my coaching and personally with my family.

For information on our coaching please visit our coaching page here

Live happily ever after with these 3 simple daily practices

…and they all lived happily ever after.

Remember when you were a little child and your head was filled with dreams of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and beautiful princesses – awakened by a prince’s kiss and spirited away to a land of happily ever after?

Or maybe you dreamt of Prince Charming, waltzing through life, rescuing damsels in distress, finding true love and living happily ever after?

Well, what happened?

They told you that fairytales don’t come true.

They told you that life is hard and a struggle.

They even told you that you can’t be happy all the time.

Well I’m here to tell you they lied?

Fairytales do come true and you can live happily ever after, right now!

So what does it mean to live happily ever after, right now! What is happiness anyway?

The true happiness we are talking about here comes from inside. It comes from knowing yourself, accepting yourself as you are, forgiving any perceived faults and living life on your terms.

For some happiness can only be found in the material possessions they have gathered and the people who love them but true happiness is not dependent on anything outside of yourself.

We can start to find our true happiness through some daily, consistent personal practices.

1. Spend some time alone every day to connect with your inner self and to ask your higher power for guidance.

2. Check in with your body and find out where you need to make energy shifts. Are you in need of some self forgiveness, perhaps some self love is required? You might need to focus on some truth about you that you have been hiding from.

3. Contemplate on your presence and purpose. What are you in this human form to experience and to be? Joyful, free and abundant are be(ing) words that describe every human being.

Believe again the fairytale stories of childhood and start living your happily ever after, right now.

And I promise I won't ever ask you to kiss a frog.

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