25 August 2009

* Celebrating appreciation and gratitude

* Get ready to Shift your vibe and ramp up your feelings of joy and happiness

* Featured article: The simple truths of Appreciation and how each of us can choose to make a difference

* Anne recommends you come try out the tribe and see your manifesting abilities soar

Many of you will know my love of appreciation and my belief that you can create miracles in your life and have all your dreams come true when you learn to appreciate the life you are currently living...the good, the bad and especially the ugly.

So today, we celebrate appreciation with our featured article where you can see how one mans appreciation can make a difference.

enJOY also this weeks Shift your Vibe where you will ramp up your happiness and joy.

Book Anne to speak to your group. Find out how you can have a fairytale life and live happily ever after, right now!

The simple truths of Appreciation - How each of us can choose to make a difference

Watch this true story of how one man can make a difference in the world by showing his appreciation and gratitude for his long ago teacher and the lessons he learned.


close your eyes and think about someone who has rekindled an inner light in you or had some profound impact in your life.

Remember the JOY you felt when being appreciated by someone when you needed it most.

Send a thank you note or letter of gratitude for how that person made you feel and how their action impacted on your life.

Spend some moments focused on the feeling you had at the time, the feeling of being someone worthy of another persons time and help.

REMEMBER to share your appreciation and change someones life TODAY.

Free article - The art of appreciation

Have you ever felt so fantastic-- so filled up with life-- that you just had to let out a huge “wooooo hoooo!” at the top of your lungs? Well that is the way I’ve been living my life over the past month. NO KIDDING.

Yes, I'm recommending this again this week. Why???

Since participating in this program my energy around abundance has had a rather dramatic shift.

And as equally exciting, as a solo-preneur I am learning authentic marketing and business building tools that have seen my subscriber list and site traffic rise significantly in a short time.

Kristen and David Morelli are sharing practical business building tools and tips on top of the incredibly valuable energy work they do around abundance. I'm loving it and I know you will too.

Visit The Prosperity Tribe here and listen to the energy on a recorded call with Kristen and David.

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