The Law of Abundance

or The Positive Entrepreneurs To Do list
for Money, Happiness, Success and
Purposeful Meaning

Is there such a thing as the law of abundance?

We all know about the law of attraction, deliberate creation and the law of allowing but what is this one all about?

Simply put the law of abundance states that you already have everything you could possibly want or need.

God / Source / the Universe (or any other name you choose) provides it all as your divine right.

This law states that there is no shortage or lack in the universe. God is omnipotent and has no limits or boundaries.

Whatever you want or need to make a perfect life for yourself, you can have.

If you believe this as truth then you have only to ask and you shall receive as stated by the law of attraction.

Asking can be done by any method – often by a quick thought after seeing something you want, by writing a list of everything you want, by daydreaming and various other normal everyday activities.

At the beginning of the year, like millions of others, I sat and wrote a list.

It’s not a list of resolutions but rather a To Do list.

The focus of my To Do list is those things I need to do to step into money, happiness, success and purposeful meaning in my life this year.

Here is my To Do list

Money - Find ways to increase my income while allowing me to continue to work from home and further develop my small business.

Happiness – Meditate daily, love unconditionally, laugh often and continue with my personal development.

Success – Continue to learn about internet marketing and social media and to develop professionally.

Purposeful Meaning – Continue to develop my coaching business, help others find joy in their life, write more childrens books, serve.

Having written my list and put it in a place where I see it often I was drawn to pick it up earlier today and reading through it I was overcome with a feeling of rightness and abundance as I looked at the results thus far in my new year.

The law of abundance has delivered to me people, tools and opportunities to realise my list.

Money - I have been blessed to find an abundance of extra work that will not interfere timewise with my own business.

Happiness - The love unconditionally is proving to be not so easy but I’m working on it daily in all my relationships…with friends, family and strangers.

Success – I’ve turned the corner on my steep online learning curve that occurred last year and am stepping into greater understanding to the point of having others ask me to assist them.

Purposeful Meaning – My business is growing steadily, my coaching practice is finding it’s feet, I’ve set the goal for at least 2 more childrens books this year and have half written them both in my head (it’s a start)

...and I am serving my clients, my friends both personal and virtual and my community through my work.

Through the Law of Abundance the Universe has delivered to me an opportunity that will be helping me in all areas of my life – personal development, professional development and meaning through community involvement and leadership.

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As an entrepreneur, do you have a To Do list for yourself, your business and your contribution this year?

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