Dreamer - a poem

I'm a dreamer.

Have you ever experienced a time when you were living your life quite happily, going about your business day to day and then, BAM...out of nowhere somebody close to you attacks your beliefs.

Oh the joy of contrast. The joy of knowing that they are entitled to their beliefs and you are entitled to yours. The joy of knowing that both sets of beliefs are valid and true to both parties.

Well, I had that happen to me recently. I was told in no uncertain times that I was not living in reality and that life isn't easy.

I'm sorry Mister, but to me life is easy and I choose to live in my reality. It might not be your reality but it works for me.

I've spent a good many years choosing happiness, living the law of attraction life and working on my vibration and you cannot expect me to give up my beliefs to make you happy...I am not responsible for you being happy. Happiness is an inside job.

Rant over. Here is the poem I was inspired to write today.


Stop dreaming
You say

Live in reality

You’re a dreamer can’t you see

You don’t live in the real world
You say

Life can’t always be so good
You say

Sometimes you have to face reality.


Why would I want reality?
I say

What is reality?

In my dream I see
Abundance flow to me

In my dream I see
You as perfect

In my dream I see
We are one

In my dream I see
All is well

In your reality I see
You as ego

In your reality I see
We as two

In reality I see
I’m not free

Dreaming…I see

©2010 Anne Aleckson

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