If you can dream it
you can be it

Remember when you were a child growing up all those years ago? What did you dream of becoming, of having, of doing?

Is it time to dust off the dreams of your childhood?

Did you want to save the world? Or perhaps you thought of being a prima ballerina? Maybe like me you saw yourself on stage. Of course, I didn’t know at the time in what capacity I would be on stage…would I take my love of play and be a stage actor? Would I be famous? I didn’t know the details all I knew was that I had a deep burning inside me to be standing in front of lots of people and I would be talking.

Now, that might sound like fun to lots of kids but absolutely did not seem like play or fun to me.

Growing up a quiet, shy child in a family of 6 kids and 2 adults who all were very comfortable being the center of attention did not bode well for this little imagining of greatness for me.

So like most of us, I took that little thought and pushed it way down inside me, into the imaginary box where I kept my unrealistic and big dreams and I locked it away for many years. I mean, who did I think I was to imagine that I could ever stand up and talk to many people about anything. A quiet, shy, scared kid like me.

And then, many years later, all grown up and experiencing some huge contrast in relationships and finances it slowly and quietly bubbled back up to the surface of my conscious mind.

What hidden dreams are you harboring? Is it time to open your box of imaginings, dust them off and start dreaming again?

The dreams and desires that burn inside you began as thoughts that have been given to you by a higher power. This higher power who you might call God or The Universe has planted these ideas into you throughout your lifetime with the intention that you pick up the idea and run with it, believe in it and yourself and fulfill your life's purpose.

So dust them off and start thinking about them even more magnificently, spend your time imagining what might be possible for you. And then spend time getting clear on what you want for your life now and in the future, dream bigger than you have ever dared dream.

Have a big dream for each area of your life – health, wealth or finances, relationships or love, career or job and in the area of spirituality.

Believe that you have everything within you right now that you need to reach these goals.

I recently heard John Assaraf one of the teachers of ‘The Secret’ say that ‘God does not call on the qualified, God qualifies the called who say YES. The how will always come after the what’.

So today, say YES to your big dreams, have faith that you can have anything you can imagine and take your first step into the future where you are passionately living on purpose.

© 2009 Anne Aleckson

Anne Aleckson is an Author and Coach working with energy and the law of attraction. Go to Step up to JOY for your free e-course ‘5 Habits for Happiness’ to help you find your happiness, one step at a time.


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