What is an affirmation?

Are you struggling with old beliefs that are limiting you?

Do you want to change those limiting beliefs and empower yourself to greater levels of awareness and manifesting?

YES ! did I hear you shout yes?

An affirmation is an habitual thought, either negative or positive, that loops around in your brain and has you believing it is truth.

Well guess what!

Your current truth is only true for you right now because you have not made the decision or effort to change the old limiting beliefs that you have developed since the time of your birth.

Here is some truth for you.

You can choose your truth.

You can use affirmations to change the old limiting belief into your new empowering truth.

So how do you do this?

Well first of all you might want to jot down one of your old limiting beliefs or habitual way of thinking about a subject.

ie My current belief is - I never have enough money

Ok so lets have a look at your belief and ask some questions of it.

Question One - is this belief true?

Question Two - is this belief limiting my potential?

Question Three - Do I want to continue thinking this same habitual thought even though it has so far gotten me nowhere?

I'll presume you answered a resounding NO to these questions.

So, I'm sure you are asking at this point - ok, so tell me how to use affirmations to change this or any limiting belief I'm in the habit of thinking and I'll get to it...right?...right?

As I say above, an affirmation is any thought that you are continually and habitually thinking and it can be a positive or a negative thought so let's focus on positive affirmations and how you can use them to change the negative thought loops to positive ones.

What you want to do is make a positive statement out of the negative belief that you have.

ie. I have enough money...I am able to pay my bills...Ican buy a meal whenever I am hungry.

Now all you need to do is this.

Whenever that old limiting thought pops into your head you just need to stop it from continuing and then start reminding yourself of your new belief.

Now even if you don't yet believe it, you will soon enough so perseverance and persistence are the name of the affirmation game.

If you are serious about changing your limiting beliefs and changing your life, I would recommend you have a look at some of the wonderful tools available and start using one or two.

#1 Affirmation Process - Affirmations in Song

My most favourite way to change limiting beliefs into positive ones using song is such a fun and easy way to get new thoughts into your head.

You know what its like, you're working away and all of a sudden a song you used to love when you were in highschool pops into your head and you remember that you used to listen to it at least 20 times a day. And wow, you still remember all the words.

What happens when we listen to music is that our brain is kept busy with the music and so we allow the words to slip into our subconscious and voila, in our subconscious mind they become true to us.

I personally use singing affirmations daily and two of my favourites are done by Musivation and AttitudeZapz.

Visit MusiVation here Visit Attitudezapz here Both offer free singing affirmations as well as CDs and downloads for purchase.


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