Change is good

Thank you for booking your Mace Energy Method session with me.

I'm very excited being able to offer you this revolutionary process that will see you stepping into your future as the person you really are...with no hesitation.

You see...I know who you are and I know that you have seen little glimpses of the real you from time to time. Get ready to start living your life as 'the real you' and create the life of your dreams.

I offer various appointment times weekday evenings and all day weekends Australia time.

Please fill in the contact form below and advise me where you are located. Give me 3 options for appointment times and I'll reply with an appointment time to suit both of us.

When providing your times please keep in mind that I live and work in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - you can click here for the World Clock and see what time is it in my part of the world and also work out your appointment time requests.

I'll speak with you very soon.

Much love and joy to you.

Anne Aleckson

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