Introducing the Inspiring...

Lisa Murray

Creator of the Bliss Tribe
and Business Mentor
at Revive Coaching

Lisa Murray is a creative business mentor who works holistically with people desiring to reinvent or revitalize their business. Lisa works with fast growth businesses, start-up businesses, stressed-out business owners and business owners desiring innovative approaches to traditional business challenges. She is also a published author, an accomplished speaker and the Founder of BlissTribe.

In 70 words or less tell us about your latest project and what inspired you to do it.

If everyone in the world felt like they belonged, there would be peace, joy and bliss!

• What if you could allow your life to fall together with ease, rather than fall apart?

• What if you could live life on your terms, without being defined by others?

• What if you could love what you do so much that it’s your life rather than your work?

I created the BlissTribe community to connect people who are changing the world by playing with these questions and more!

If you could walk a day in someone else's shoes, literally, who would that someone be and why?

24 hours is a long time – being curious, I’d like to spend 15 minutes each in the shoes of as many people as possible, starting with Richard Branson – he is one of the few people on this planet who truly understands the art of creating possibilities others cannot yet imagine!

Name 3 people and a product, book or program of each that has had a huge impact on your personal and/or spiritual development.

Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer from Access Consciousness – awesome programs and tools… Their questions are phenomenal for opening doors to new possibilities.

‘What would you most like to change about the reality you are creating?’ A great starter book is ‘Right Riches for You’.

‘What would it take for you to dance miracles with the universe today?’

Julia Cameron – her book ‘The Artists Way’ was life-changing for me – helped me understand the creative process in so many ways and her morning pages idea has been responsible for so many awesome insights and ideas.

It is rare for me to read a book more than once. Richard Bach’s book ‘ONE’ has been devoured so many times in the last 20 or so years it is falling apart – truly a powerful reminder that we are all one - connected in the past, present and future – and nothing is impossible!

What one personal characteristic would you like to have developed by the end of this lifetime.

To quiet my crazy busy over-thinking mind and to replace it with intuitive awareness of all that is, allowing me to perceive, know, be and receive everything!

What one thing do you do everyday (or as often as possible) that brings you joy and happiness?

Besides breathing (deeply!), writing and walking give me peace and the space to be me – and that is a joyful, blissful place to live life from!

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