3 Degrees of Seperation

You are only 3 degrees of seperation away from someone who can make your dreams come true. Go find that someone and tell them your dreams

Third degree I think is the place to start – Sandy Forster

About a year before that movie ‘the secret’ was released I had started finding out about this thing called the law of attraction through some great authors like Dr Wayne Dyer with his book ’10 secrets for success & inner peace’, through the teachings of Abraham with Jerry & Esther Hicks and also a little book called ‘the law of attraction’ by Michael Losier.

I was struggling financially those days, as I had been all my life living pay to pay and wanting more, maybe some of you can relate – anyway I found another book.

This book - How to be wildly wealthy fast by Sandy Forster is where it all started for me. Someone I met in America where I was attending a conference recommended this book to me – how funny that I had to go all the way to America to find out about a women who teaches abundance principles from her home up the road at our very own Sunshine Coast.

So as soon as I got home, I went to Sandys website and I got myself a copy of that book, now when I purchased that book I got my name onto a mailing list for Sandy’s website and every week, sometimes twice a week, I would receive another email about some course or product she was selling. Each time I deleted them. I kept thinking that I should opt out of her mailings but I never did.

I was working for a mining company back then and driving about 45 minutes to the office in the city, every morning and back home at night. Having discovered this thing called personal development and then finding out that there were authors who also read their books onto CD and I could listen as I drove, well I decided to turn my car into my very own personal development university on wheels. I called it Swift University – in honor of my little Suzuki Swift.

I was sitting at a red light listening to Dr Wayne Dyer do a lecture, I had been listening to this 5 CD set for a few months and really soaking it in, when out of the blue a thought popped into my head. ‘I want to work with this man’. And then I laughed out loud sitting there all alone in my car.

I laughed at the absurdity of the thought. I mean, who did I think I was? Here I was a wanna be life coach and lover of all things law of attraction and I had just started to think about how I wanted to build my own business as a law of attraction coach. Now all of a sudden I was having thoughts of sharing a stage with a man who is known the world over as ‘the grand daddy of personal development’.

Well the story goes on, a few months later I was attending toastmasters to try and get over my horrid fear of standing up and speaking in public. As part of the process the toastmaster in training has to write and deliver about 10 speeches on different subjects.

And guess what, I discovered how much I loved writing speeches. A new dream was born. I wanted to write, I wanted to blog, I wanted to become an author. My new dream of being an author was added to my dream of becoming a speaker.

And still I kept getting those weekly emails from Sandy Forster. And still I kept thinking that I should just opt out.

And then the weekly email came. But this time, I took notice – Millionaire Author Secrets, it said. Come for the weekend and learn my secrets, it said. I will teach you how to be a published author, an international bestselling author, it said. Sandy was giving away her secrets, she would tells us how she wrote, self published and marketed her book and how it became an international bestseller and made her a millionaire.

I was in ladies and gentlemen, Sandy had finally got me.

The weekend seminar was great and boy, did it get my creative juices flowing, I was writing down ideas, book titles, marketing ideas as if my book was just sitting inside me waiting to burst out.

At the end of the weekend Sandy invited us to join her in becoming a published author in her new compilation book – The Path to Success. And for the very first time in my life, without hesitation I booked my place and paid a deposit with my credit card. I had to put it on credit card, there was no other way for me to pay it. Remember I was living paycheck to paycheck back then.

Over the next few months the excitement built as I wrote my chapter, sent it to the editor and had it accepted.

At this point I want you to remember back when I was sitting in traffic and listening to Wayne Dyer.

Now Sandy got all the authors together on monthly calls to let us all know where the book was at and who was getting involved in the project as well as cover design and all the other stuff.

Sandy was all excited as she got us together on the phone to announce the world famous author who had agreed to contribute. And even before I dialed into the conference number I knew, from somewhere inside of me, who that famous author would be. I just knew and I could barely contain my excitement after Sandy announced it and I told her my story of sitting at the red light and thinking ‘I want to work with this man one day’. Yes, my favorite personal development teacher, was going to be in the same book as me. Well I was hooked wasn’t I.

Getting closer - 2nd Degree – Jayanti Woods & Reiki

A few months after The Path to Success was released I attended a Reiki Certificate 1 Course with an angel by the name of Jayanti.

I remember sitting next to a woman by the name of Kelly Langdon and after our first attunement to the Reiki energy and for some reason that’s not important here and now, I was having a little cry. Kelly reached out her hand and touched me ever so gently on the arm, right here. Something happened in the moment that she did that, I’m not sure she even knows how profoundly her hand on my arm affected me. For about three weeks after I continually felt that hand on my arm and found myself using that same gesture as I spoke with people which was very unusual for me at that time.

At one point Kelly, who I guessed was also on Sandy’s mailing list asked me about the experience of the book and mentioned that she was interested in following that path also.

Now we are at one degree of separation – Sarah Prout

One of my fellow co-authors in Sandy’s book ‘The Path to Success’ is a woman from Melbourne named Sarah Prout. Sarah was establishing her new publishing empire – Sprout Publishing and by some fluke had attended an event where Sandy spoke and she won a prize. The prize was to be a contributing author in The Path to Success. Sarah rang me after reading my chapter and looking at my website. She invited me to contribute to her online magazine ‘Sprout the life you love’.

Sarah’s business was getting established and morphing into what it has now become, she no longer does the online magazine but has evolved into publishing compilation books.

Having written articles for her online magazine when Sarah decided to publish a compilation book she asked me to contribute and looking through her website one day it occurred to me that I knew someone who might just be looking for an opportunity to be involved. I emailed the information to Kelly and a few other people who I knew also wanted to write and voila – that is how Kelly Langdon and I became co-authors in the wonderful book ‘Sprout the Life you Love – Tales and Secrets from Female Entrepreneurs’.

The 7 degrees of separation theory refers to how each of us are 7 people away from someone famous, so we know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone and on up to the 7th person who is the famous person. I propose a new theory for you to consider.

Each of us are 3 degrees of separation away from someone who can make our dreams come true. Go find that someone and tell them your dreams.

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