Habit 5 of 5 Habits for Happiness

"Happiness is an inside job"

Happiness in a JOYgasm

In an earlier Habit we talked about how appreciation vibrates on a level next to pure unconditional love and its a beautiful thing.

By focusing on our heart and the love we hold there, while feeling appreciation, or gratitude if you prefer, you can reach the heights of ecstasy.

I offer you here a fun tool that I like to call the JOYgasm. It’s yours to listen to and if I were in your shoes, I would listen to it as often as I could.

I always say that if you can truly feel appreciation for what you are now living, while you dream of what the future holds for you, you are making it really easy for the Universe to deliver.

And that brings a close to the 5 Habits e-course.

My intention in offering you these Habits has been to allow you to start feeling your own sense of inner peace and joy.

I would just love to hear from you with your thoughts and comments on anything about my free e-course and would appreciate hearing about your great results using these 5 Habits.

Here is to your joy...inching closer and closer

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