Habit 3 of 5 Habits for Happiness

"Happiness is an inside job"

Do you want to be right
or do you want to be happy?

Have you ever been arguing with someone...oh come on, I know you have, we all have. For sure, I have...just ask my children.

Ok, so now that's out of the way here's what this one is all about. I want you to do something for me this week. It's not hard and it can really be fun if you get into it and if you like to confuse people.

In the middle of an argument...I mean smack bang in the middle of it, right in the moment when you are just about to really let fly...STOP.

Stop, look straight at the other person and say this 'hey, hang on, I don't want to fight with you, I like / love / admire / respect you. Let's go do something else.

And if you can't see yourself doing that then try doing what I did one morning as I was nagging my little boy to hurry up and get dressed, get into the car, nag nag nag - you know how it is. So as I was nagging him I said - 'STOP, I don't want to nag you, nag nag nag, thats all that Mummy ever does, Mummy is just a boring yucky nagger' and I made a funny face.

It's amazing how just then it all started to work out and we got ready and in the car in a flash while giggling and being silly.

A calm, quiet, non-aggressive home is a home where happy people live.

See you again next week for Habit 4 - Quiet your mind

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