Habit 2 of 5 Habits for Happiness

"Happiness is an inside job"

The art of appreciation

Did you know that appreciation vibrates on a level close to pure love. You can't really get much higher than that. Well, you can but that's another lesson completely!

Appreciation for what you are now living, allows your dreamt of future to come to you.

Today we are going to learn how to really appreciate what we have right now.

So, what do you currently have in your experience that you can appreciate?

How about the computer you are sitting in front of which allows you to read this message from me. And if you are like the majority of people you will have woken up from a comfortable nights sleep in your own bed, under your own roof after having gone to sleep with a belly full from dinner that you enjoyed with your family.

And what about your breakfast, like most of us you probably had a choice of what to eat - cereal or toast - and you even got to choose your milk, lite or regular.

Do you see where I'm going with this, we are going to appreciate the heck out of every little thing in your life right now.

But wait, I hear you say. My life sucks, my partner never treats me well, my kids never do what I ask them to...and on and on.

Here is what you do with the things that you might feel inclined to complain about. You appreciate the heck out of them. Let me get you started.

I love how my partner always kisses me good morning, it's so nice that he asks me how my day has been, I really appreciate that he works hard all week to bring home his paycheck and contribute to the household, and wow, he's an amazing dad

You pick out any little thing that you do like about your partner or situation and start with that.

And if you are saying right now 'but my boss is horrible, he really is mean and nothing I do is ever right for him' well then I suggest you start small. How about you find just one, yes that's right, only 1 thing that you like about him.

How about the fact that his eyes are green and you like the colour green...you can start there.

Or how about the fact that he always wears nice clean shoes.

Yeah, you can do this. Go ahead.

It is truly amazing what will happen as you start to appreciate your life as it is, you will actually start to enjoy it more and you will find yourself being a much happier person and as you become happier with your life you will notice that the things you do want in your life are easier to manifest.

See you next week for another Habit along your path to your happiness.

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