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Money, Abundance & Kids
As happens every year, last year my little boy had a birthday and turned 5 years old. We had a small party for him and he got lots of presents - remote control batman car, a skateboard, a jet pak guy who goes 10.7 metres high in the sky and more.

What I want to talk to you about today was, in his opinion, the very best, most amazing gift he got - $5 or five bucks or money. Yes, after getting all those wonderful toys that each cost over $20 and were painstakingly picked by aunts and uncles and cousins, he ripped open a birthday card and a $5 note fell out.

You would have thought from his reaction that he had all of a sudden become a millionaire. The reaction was priceless - his beautiful blue eyes lit up, his mouth stretched into a gorgeous toothy smile and he come rushing at me with note flapping between two fingers to shout in glee ‘look mummy, I got money!’.

And then a few weeks later I was watching Oprah and it was a show about what you should tell your kids about your money situation in the current economic climate. Well there was an expert on there talking about how you should sit your kids down and share with them the truth about where your money goes, and there was a small family with mum and dad showing their kids the mortgage bill and their pay slips and discussing how there is not much left over after the bills are paid, all in a bid to get their kids to stop asking for things. Well in all honesty this terrified me. As a law of attraction coach I teach and have complete faith that there is no lack in this universe only abundance and here were children being taught about lack of money.

Later that day as my son and I walked in the park, he bent over and with glee picked up a coin that had been left on the playground and he said 'Thank you Universe, can I have some more' just like the little orphan with the empty tummy. At which point I realised that it is every parents duty to teach our children how to have an abundance mentality around money.

I sat down that night and started work on a new e-book entitled '7 steps to financial abundance for your kids' in which I have included some simple practical and metaphysical steps you can take with your child to lead them to abundance.

You can get the e-book here

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