18 August 2009

* Website and newsletter revamped

* Shift your vibe with this quick tool that will change the way other people treat you.

* Featured Article: the flower that follows the light.

* Anne recommends you have some phenomenal money shifts (I have)

You might have noticed a few changes to the look of the website lately. Yes, we are having a little revamp. I was doing some energy work around my purpose and recalled my original logo which was born out of a dream which left me with memories of the words 'step up to joy' and a sunflower. During the energy work I realized the significance of the sunflower to me and my work so decided to redo the logo.

Later that same day I received a newsletter from my friend Katherine C.H.E. who does energy work with flowers and today's featured article is taken directly from her newsletter. Thank you Katherine for reminding me of my love of sunflowers and teaching me about their energy.

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Todays article is from The Cultivator of Joy Katherine C.H.E who writes about the Sunflowers optimism and light. enJOY.

Sunflower (Helianthus)

Sunflowers are very sunny. Their faces look like the sun, and their buds spend their entire day turning their faces toward the light of the sun (heliotropism).

It is an unforgettable sight to see an entire field of sunflowers all stretching and reaching toward the sun, all their faces turned in the same direction. Seek it out if you haven't had the opportunity to see such a sight.

Sunflowers have an optimistic ability to find the light in every situation and look in that direction. (Can't we all use a dose of that energy from time to time -- a reminder!)

In every moment in our lives, we live in choice. We have so many options it is mind boggling. One fundamental choice we have is that of seeing the good in a situation or the bad. Sunflowers choose to follow the light. Sunflowers do not deny the existence of the darkness, the unwanted, undesired things in life, but they choose not to BE the darkness and to know that the darkness cannot mar our essence unless we choose to let it.

Sunflower affirmation:

I choose to live my life
more like the sunflower,
CHOOSING to find the
light in a situation and
not choosing to dwell
in the darkness.

Katherine C.H.E. has a free teleseminar on August 12. The topic will be Flower Meditation. If you've ever wondered about the how and the why of Flower Meditation, please join me on this call. Details at her website

Have you ever felt so fantastic-- so filled up with life-- that you just had to let out a huge “wooooo hoooo!” at the top of your lungs? Well that is the way I’ve been living my life over the past month. NO KIDDING.

I’ve been participating in one of the most powerful programs to come around in years – maybe decades! It’s called The Prosperity Tribe, hosted and led by Kristin and David Morelli who are also founders of the radio show “Everything is Energy”.

I can't tell you how amazing the shifts have been in my life.

OK, I'll tell you a little.

I have been moving stagnant and sabotaging energy and breaking down my deepest blocks to abundance and authentic wealth like I have never done before. Last week I received a completely unexpected payment into my bank account and this morning I received an unexpected email from an affiliate program I have been with for about a year now. They wanted to let me know that they should have paid me some money about 2 months ago but somehow it had gotten lost and now they will get it to me next week.

Kristin and David are an extraordinarily powerful team who have made it their dedication to help others make the shift from lack to abundance. They teach that True Abundance = an abundance that embraces money and ALL good things in life.

This couple and the work they do are nothing short of amazing! I am so grateful for having found them and for saying “YES!” to coming under their mentorship by joining The Prosperity Tribe.

You can get a glimpse into the power of the program and meet Kristin and David Morelli here

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