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7 Steps to Financial Abundance
for your kids
gives you the
inside secrets
on how to

$ Blast away negative beliefs about money

$ Have your child earn every cent you give them

$ Teach your child spending and saving habits that will last a lifetime

$ Have your child repeating positive affirmations without even realizing they are doing anything

$ Encourage your child to create and dream about the life they want to live regardless of what they think of the life they are living right now

$ Show your child how they can create their dream life

$ Make some fast cash this week

$ Lead your child in appreciation / gratitude.

$ Teach your child a simple and profound money truth.

Sick of the checkout tantrum blues this mum took her coaching skills and knowledge of the law of attraction and taught her son that she is not the only source of his money and abundance.

The book details the 7 easy steps any parent and child can follow along with.

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